At We Are Events we have an absolute passion for events, a hundred million moments, this is the canvas upon which we create. It’s chaotic and competitive it’s laired and loud and it caries on at a pace so fast that some days it seems unmanageable.

A hundred million ideas, these are the tools of our art making the unseen a reality and so we create. With to do lists that go on forever, endless revisions from clients who seem impossible to please, running from one event to another with hardly a moment to take a breath or sleep in our own bed, often fleeting sometimes forgotten. Through late nights in rooms lit only by the glow of our laptops, in boardrooms where no one else understand the majestic vision we see so clearly. In ballrooms where everyone rushes and rallies and refuses to slow down, and yet it all matters.

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With our effort and our heart and our skill, together we envision events that become unforgettable memories for those who actually pause to witness, and for those who just get lost in the moment. Though they may never know our name countless people experience inspiration, delight, and elegance because of our passion.

In a time that can seem overwhelmed with darkness we choose to showcase the glories, to bring order to the chaos, to express the true flavour of being alive. Our events remind all of us for just a few moments of the beauty in ourselves and help us rekindle the light that we have lost. In a world that seems to always destroy, we create.

With careful focus and detail, we sculpt an experience, with light and colour, movement and sound, taste and texture we craft feelings and share ideas. We illuminate the art around us and within us that is so often missed. Our work ads to a tapestry of dreams, a canvas of creativity that brings into focus our client’s celebrations and achievements and victories.

Consider the imagination represented in the hundred million moments that we have designed. Imagine the landscape ahead filled with wonder and magic and light. In your heart pause with us right now to witness those hundred million moments, then look with us into the next series of masterpieces that will be born because of our effort and celebrate with us because this beauty matters!

After all…, Events isn’t what we do it’s Who We Are : We Are Events





The team is heavily focused on understanding our client’s objectives in terms of what they would like to achieve with their in-person, hybrid and/or virtual event to ensure that We Are Events / Virtual can deliver on the client’s expectations. Events should not be just an expense as each event has a specific focus and a desired outcome as well as ROI which needs to be met through passion and creativity.


We Are Events / Virtual provide a full variety of services. These include but are not limited to:

  • Conference and Event Management
  • Sponsorship Support
  • Exhibition Management
  • Public Relations and Media Management
  • Virtual World

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A team of highly passionate professionals with more than 135 years combined event management and event production experience. With specific event experts being:

  • 2 of 18 Event Neuro Psychology Specialists in South Africa
  • 1 of 24 CMP’s (Certified Meeting Professionals) in South Africa
  • 1 of 254 CM’s (Chartered Marketers) in South Africa
  • 1 of 3 VEIP’s (Virtual Event Institute Professionals) in Africa

A partners network which has over 70 years cumulative company experience in various elements of event production management and delivery with highlights being:

  • Hosted over 200 Webinars
  • Hosted over 100 Virtual Events & Exhibitions
  • Gathered more than 650 000 people at various events
  • Managed cumulative event budgets of over R5 Billion
  • Managed and Produced more than 500 In-Person (Live) events such as
    • Conferences
    • Exhibitions
    • Expos
    • Gala Events
    • Music Festivals
    • Seminars
    • Road shows
    • and many more



“They were extremely resourceful with our budget and short timeline. They prioritized our needs, even though they were running multiple projects simultaneously. Rudi was not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss our needs. They went above and beyond with assisting our company and became invaluable due to their high level of integrity, connectiveness and persistence.”

~ Y Joubert – 3M Health Care, Medical Solutions Division

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